Charlotte County - click to open in Google MapsCharlotte County, located in southwest Florida has been voted “Best Place to live in the South” by ‘Money Magazine’ several times and also one of the overall top five “Best places to live in America“.From a bird’s eye view, Rotonda West is a perfect circle surrounded by a river and divided into subdivisions, one of which is a nature reserve providing habitat for the region’s wilder occupants.Rotonda has lakes in abundance, canals, golf courses and greenbelt areas allowing a superb balance and harmony with nature.

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Rotonda is also a tremendous vantage point from which to experience several different types of holiday. For example, it may be the first or second leg of a two-centre visit, or a base from which to explore all corners of Florida and take in the vast diversity of local pleasures and pursuits.Florida extends from Pensacola in north-western Florida, right down to Key West the southernmost point. The Everglades National Park boundary is around a two-hour drive away.Although Tampa is the nearest international airport, (1 h 30 mins), Orlando (2 h 30 mins) and Miami (3 h 30 mins) are viable alternatives.When flights are available Ft. Myers, Sarasota and Punta Gorda airports are all less than an hour’s drive from Rotonda.

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